Squabbling doctors in a London hospital raised the mortality of patients


Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Scandals in the surgical Department of St George’s hospital in London has led to an increase in deaths of patients. This is stated in the report from the hospital, The Times reports.

It is noted that because of this, patients ‘ lives were under threat. So, the mortality rate in British hospitals is about two percent, but in this hospital it reached 3.7 percent.

The hospital explained that at present all necessary measures are taken in order to resolve conflict between employees. They point out that the conflict of doctors in the Department of cardiac surgery “does not threaten the lives of patients”, reports “Bi-bi-si”.

The head of the national health service in the UK Mike Bewick wrote the report, parts of which were leaked to the press. According to him, the surgical staff of the hospital was divided into two opposing camps. Buick called the environment in the Department is inadequate, comparing the conflict with “the feud between the two tribes.”

“The team of surgeons I considered as not coping with their duties”, — said in his report.

We interviewed 39 people who reported that such high mortality rates are explained as “creepy tense atmosphere in the team.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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