United States prepared for a war of sanctions with Iran


Photo: Nazanin Tabatabaee Yazdi / Reuters

U.S. ready to resume sanctions against Iran, reports Reuters. The first restrictions will take effect on 7 August.

Sanctions will be imposed at noon Washington time (19:00 Moscow). The first part bans will affect monetary, automotive markets and the metals market. The government of Iran will not be able to buy dollars and trade in gold and other valuable metals as well as graphite, coal, cars, and Persian carpets. In addition, Tehran will not be allowed to issue sovereign Eurobonds and conduct significant transactions in local currency, the Riyal using the foreign accounts.

All of these measures have already been used against Iran, but were suspended in 2015 as part of the agreement on the nuclear deal between Tehran and the six countries-mediators: the USA, Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK. Officially the document is called the Comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program.

In may 2018 the US President Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the transaction unilaterally. The rest of the participants expressed the commitment agreements.

The publication writes that many international companies, including European ones, have already gone from Iran, despite the fact that the European Union did not support US and did not impose its own sanctions. According to the interlocutor of the Agency in the White house, the main purpose of restrictive measures is to “change Iran’s behavior” without resorting to regime change.

Also, the US government is concerned about reports of the suppression of protests in Iranian cities. The locals have a few days go to protest against the worsening financial situation. “Trump is ready to meet with Iran at any time to discuss the real deal, which will keep their regional ambitions, will tame defiant behavior and cut off any access to nuclear weapons,” — said the source publication.

The second part of the sanctions should be imposed on 4 November. It will cover trading Iranian oil. Her supplies will be forbidden in USA, but the EU is not going to stop buying.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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