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Scientists at the University of Augusta, Georgia (USA) found a link between consumption of probiotics and cognitive disorders in humans. The authors, who published in the journal Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology.

The study involved 38 people with bloating and gases in the intestines, thirty of them was observed symptoms of clouding of consciousness. The researchers tested whether the cause of the disease, probiotics and the associated excessive growth of bacteria in the small intestine. The latter was detected using a breath test with glucose and aspiration of the duodenal contents.

It turned out that the bacterial overgrowth syndrome are often observed in 68 percent of people with clouding of consciousness, and only 28 percent of the rest, with the significance level of this result (probability of false positive result was equal to five percent). At the same time people with cognitive disorders are also more prevalent lactate-acidosis — increased acidity of the urine due to the presence of lactic acid (77 vs. 25 percent, the significance level is 0.6 percent).

After the cessation of the use of probiotics and antibiotics the symptoms of mental confusion and gastrointestinal disorders was significantly reduced in 23 patients.

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