China has asked the terrorists for the sake of calming Muslims


Photo: Haider Shah / AP

Chinese officials have several times held talks with members of the Afghan terrorist movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia). About it the Financial Times reported sources in the government of Pakistan.

According to them, due to the fact that Beijing wants to play a more prominent role in ending the war in Afghanistan, which lasts 17 years. The interlocutors of the newspaper who participated in the meetings, said that China “desperately trying to establish relations with the Taliban”. One of the main goals of the meeting was to discuss the situation of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR).

“The Chinese took great care to organize a meeting, — said one of them. The Taliban in Beijing visited the mosque and tried Halal food”. According to the source, the aim was not only to encourage terrorists to dialogue, but to show that the Chinese are respectful of Muslims. Also discussed was the problem of the flight of Muslim extremists from Xinjiang to Afghanistan, where they organize the movement of opposition to Beijing.

The Chinese foreign Ministry information about negotiations with the Taliban did not deny. According to the statement of the representative office, China supports the peace process in Afghanistan and supports all involved in the conflict side.

The Financial Times reported at least two meetings between the Taliban and representatives of the US establishment in Qatar, where is the so-called government of the Taliban. However, according to the source, Chinese officials have achieved greater success than their American counterparts.

Through the Xinjiang Uygur administrative region, the majority of people who practice Islam in China is also penetrating radical Islamists from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Measures of the Chinese government aimed at combating terrorism and the control of the Muslim population of Xinjiang.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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