Incitement to murder on WhatsApp forced India to think about the mass lock


Photo: Shailesh Andrade / Reuters

The Indian authorities appealed to telecommunication companies with a demand to find ways to block popular instant messengers in case of their “misuse”. About it reports Reuters with reference to documents of regulators.

In particular, the Ministry of communications and information technology of India demanded from suppliers of services “to explore various possible options” to restrict access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. The developers have not officially reacted to the decision of the Indian government.

Unnamed sources in the Ministry commented on some provisions of the document. They explained that the authorities intend to block such applications only during emergencies. “There needs to be a good solution for the protection of national security,” the official said.

The government turned against the messenger after the attackers began to spread fake messages in WhatsApp on the abduction of children. In India people send each other fake messages and then looking for those responsible for the crimes referred to in the text.

In the end, due to virus fake messages mob lynched more than 20 innocent victims in two months. The government of India appealed to the creators of the application to stop the distribution of fakes. The developers have released a few new tools, but the killings continued.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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