Inspired by a men-spirited British woman wanted children from them


Frame: ITV

The inhabitant of great Britain has announced its willingness to get pregnant from a Ghost, which, according to her, she has a serious relationship. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing an interview with girls in the print edition of the Australian publication New Idea.

A resident of Bristol, calls itself the Kingdom of Amethyst (Amethyst Realm), became famous in 2017 with his stories about sexual relations with a 15 ghosts. Then she claimed to have completely refused to have sex with real men in favor of invisible partners.

According to her, her new partner — a Ghost from Australia, with whom she is “very serious relationship”.

“Once I walked among the bushes, enjoying nature, and suddenly felt an incredible energy. I already knew that with me my new Beau. And everything was serious. We thought about how to conceive a ghostly child,” said the girl.

In December last year, a British woman told me how for the first time slept with a Ghost about 12 years ago when I moved into a new apartment together with her boyfriend. Since then, she claims she no longer needs real lovers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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