Lukashenko told about the shortage of meat in Russia


Alexander Lukashenkoon: Alexander Scherbak / TASS

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the crisis on the Russian meat market. According to him, who leads the Agency learned to overcome it will help the Belarusian suppliers.

“The importance of meat and milk will continue to increase, primarily in our core Russian market. Already fast the information comes that meat products in Russia to rise strongly, explains the reason that more expensive raw materials. That is, in Russia there is no meat,” — said Lukashenko.

Belarusian enterprises, he said, should take into account the Russian experience and not abuse of export deliveries: “So you have to be willing to trade in our main markets, but do not forget about their internal”.

August 7, Russia’s largest meat processors warned of a possible growth of prices for sausages and semi-finished products. Lead to it may the rise in prices of raw materials, which is faster and more active than usual.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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