Shestun talked about his famous cellmates in Lefortovo


Alexander Setupauto: Gennady Gulyaev / Kommersant

The head of the Serpukhov area of Moscow suburbs Alexander Shestun, who was arrested on charges of abuse of power, sits in a cell with a billionaire Novel by Manashirova in the SIZO “Lefortovo”. The official said in his letter, published on the website of PASMI.

“Fortunately, when you settled with the cultural and intelligent man. The novel immediately set the table for me, reassured me, said that everything that he has, are shared. In the refrigerator lay the tomatoes from Baku to the highest quality greens, cucumber, roast meat, Turkey, chicken, nuts. Roma sitting here for almost three years, and immediately was evident that the administration of the legendary “Lefortovo” treats him with respect. All the guards, doctors, chefs he knew by name and they answered him mutual respect”, — stated in the message.

The camera in the “Lefortovo” all standard — at 7, 8 square meters. The area, according to Shestun, he measured cellmate matchbox.

In this same chamber were sitting before the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh. “No one here loved, first and foremost, the staff of the detention center. White could not get out of the way of the Governor, complained a lot, talked with everyone like subordinates. But I must say that White behaved decently, did not pass, did not admit guilt,” writes Shestun, adding that White “went to the area to Ryazan, where is now engaged in the hay”.

“When I arrived in Lefortovo, I took all the things and put in a cell for quarantine in shorts and a t-shirt, not having warm clothes…I froze. It really got on my nerves, and I began to be rude … until they came to the acting head of SIZO-2 Khans Alexander and not reassured me that I was now transferred into a permanent chamber with a neighbor. They urgently needed the quarantine for the accommodation of the head of the SC for the Moscow General Alexander Drymanov,” says the official.

According to him, all the governors in the “Lefortovo” they behave differently: Vyacheslav Gaizer (Komi) sports, “is very clean, not broken and not broken”; Leonid Markelov (Mari El Republic) writes poetry, it is called the King Leonidas.

“The most prominent of the oligarchs, the Magomedov brothers: they are pure businessmen, respect them in “Lefortovo”. They behave with dignity in the business community, and in Dagestan”, — writes Shestun. There is also the government of the Republic “almost entirely”.

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