Found a way to treat the threat of breast cancer


Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Scientists of the Institute for the study of aging name Leibniz identified the TRPS1 protein, which is active in tissues of triple negative breast cancer, which is considered one of the most aggressive forms of malignant tumors. This compound is a potential target for new effective drugs. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Breast cancer is the most dangerous type of malignant tumors in women, which annually in the world die 521 a thousand people. There are three varieties of this disease: estrogen-receptor-positive (ER-positive), HER2 – positive and triple negative cancer. The latter, constituting 15 percent of all cases of breast cancer, is the most difficult to treat.

It is known that the Hippo signaling pathway plays an important role in tissue regeneration, but also promotes the appearance of cancer cells. One component of this pathway is YAP, a protein that controls the size of organs. However, a number of experts have demonstrated that activation of YAP in some cases, on the contrary, improves the survival of patients. The causes of this phenomenon still remain unknown.

In the new work, scientists have shown that TRPS1 protein is an antagonist of YAP and suppresses the activity of some components of the Hippo way in cancer cells. If the content of TRPS1 in the tissues increases, the survival of patients is greatly reduced. It also reduces the number of immune cells that fight disease.

In the future, scientists plan to test whether drugs targeting TRPS1, to retard the growth of triple negative cancer and make it more vulnerable to treatment.

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