It is estimated the real costs of “the law Spring”


Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of economic development felt that the execution of the “Spring law” of the biggest Internet companies Yandex and Mail.Ru Group will take about 9 billion rubles. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the opinion of the Department.

The document States that Group has 130 million active users, therefore, to provide storage volume information, the company needs to purchase hardware-software complexes 5.2 billion. In the case of “Yandex” this would amount to 3.6 billion rubles.

Thus the storage of information, according to the calculations of the MAYOR, the company will spend one billion rubles a year. The document States that it is the one of the optimistic scenarios do not take into account volumetric content, such as online translation.

The Ministry also clarified that the order of the Ministry of communications in fact, obliges Internet companies to obtain licenses for production of SORM, which contradicts the current legislation: there is no direct prohibition to develop technology for intelligence.

In the same document it was said that the implementation of the “Spring law” contradicts one of the may decrees of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which involves the acceleration of technological development in the country.

In July, the Ministry of communications published a paper with calculations of costs Rambler Group. Then, the Agency stated that the company will have to spend 10.9 million one-time, and then allocate 120 thousand rubles a month.

June 28, 2018, the Russian government ordered all existing in the country online services to store all user data for six months. This data includes messages, voice information, image, audio and video.

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