Russian pensioner with a broken leg had to crawl up the stairs at the hospital


Photo: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

The woman with the broken foot had to crawl up the stairs from the third floor in a hospital in Mordovia. About the incident in social networks “Vkontakte” said the daughter of 70-year-old pensioner Xenia kremleva. According to her, on this floor is the emergency room, but the Elevator in the hospital was broken.

“A broken leg, the doctor has categorically forbidden to occur because the joints are also not in order. When we in the clinic approached the Elevator I saw the sign: “Elevator not working”……and in that moment I experienced complete helplessness. We are on the third floor!”, — written by a woman. How was the climb up, she said.

“My mother knelt down and began literally crawling down, wiping the tears from her eyes,” the woman added. According to her, with the entrance to the hospital was also the difficulty — the area in front of the entrance was blocked by a chain to padlocks, and to lower its agreed immediately. Wheelchair, the patient was not offered, ramps they are also not noticed.

The incident occurred in Kovylkino on the hospital, said TASS. According to the Agency, they are already interested in the healthcare — regional offices mandated to investigate the situation.

Earlier, on 8 August it was reported that in the Krasnoyarsk region the baby died a few hours after the doctor refused to hospitalize him. According to investigators, August 4, the child suddenly became ill and arrived on-call paramedic ambulance decided to bring the boy to the infectious Department of the district hospital, but the doctor on duty found that hospitalization are not necessary.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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