Slovak 16 years of listening to Opera in retaliation for the neighbor’s barking dog


Photo: MY Nove Zámky

A resident of the city of Sturovo in southern Slovakia, Eva N., which for 16 years loud Opera Giuseppe Verdi “La Traviata” in retaliation for the neighbor’s barking dog, has been arrested. About it reported the edition My Nové Zámky.

Slovak listened to four-minute Aria every day from six in the morning until ten at night, what her home is dubbed the Opera house. According to the woman, she took revenge on neighbors for loud barking dog, however, even after her death, a lover of Opera did not stop to organize concerts, which echoed across the street.

In 2015, the mayor was forbidden to harass residents of the permanent listening to the music. The next two years and three months Eva actually stopped to listen to Opera at full volume, but in September 2017, “La Traviata” sounded again on one of the streets Sturova. In 2018, the Supreme court confirmed the prohibition of listening to music, Dominika Cibulkova and now faces a prison term from six months to three years. The investigator believes that she is a threat to society, so leave her in custody until the court will elect a measure of restraint.

“La Traviata” Opera, first staged in 1853, Giuseppe Verdi based on the novel by Alexander Dumas, “the Lady with camellias”. The first production failed, however, its revised version subsequently became one of the most famous operas.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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