The elderly cat is back home after 13 years of wandering



A resident of the UK spent 13 years in search of a missing cat and eventually found the pet. This reports the Metro.

A cat named Boo (Boo) lost in 2005 in the English city of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Then her mistress Janet A. (Janet Adamowicz) left a request about a missing pet, one year up posters and advertised in the local newspaper, but after all this time forgot about it.

13 years later she called and asked if she was losing the cat. Not immediately remembering Boo, Adamovich hastened to reply that both of her cats at home. After thinking, she finally realized he was talking about.

Cat found in 64 kilometers from home. The hostess claims that pet remembers it. At the moment, BU for 17 years. Cats live in the wild on average to 16 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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