The hawks gave a try on the gallows on the Day of the city



In Omsk on the site of the celebration of the city were installed gallows through which any interested person could be photographed in the image of the hanged man. In the city hall explained that the holiday site was reconstructed embankment of the Petrine era and the organizers will hold an educational talk. It is reported by news portal “New Omsk”.

The city day in Omsk was celebrated on 4 and 5 August, but the strange scenery on the Internet drew attention just now. The photos show that the city’s waterfront Omsk fortress mounted the gallows with a noose on the end of the rope, the length of which is sufficient to itself has tried people. How secure was the structure is not specified.

Wednesday, August 8, Deputy mayor of Omsk Elena Shipilov said that the initiative to erect the gallows belongs to the organizers of the military-historical festival “service class people of Siberia”.

“They’re focused on the time of Peter, when the gallows was, unfortunately, a common element of urban environment. The guys tried to reproduce the most plausible, — the official explained. — We have them for the future warn that they are in pursuit of plausibility did not create such an extreme situation.”

According to her, citizens generally enjoyed it. “Those who saw the performance, I think, appreciated, in particular, the work of these guys. They are under the sun in coats two days running around the shore. I think they were even upset that the holiday is over,” she said.

In July, acting Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov stated that the meme “do Not try to leave Omsk” is one of the obstacles for the development of the local economy. Another frightening off investors the reason he called government secrecy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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