Apple demanded $ 2.5 million for all vulnerabilities


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Security researcher from Google’s Ian bir (Ian Beer) has offered Apple a deal on 2.45 million dollars. This is the amount he estimated 30 that he found vulnerabilities in the iOS system. Appeal to the head of the company Tim cook he posted on his Twitter page.

The post appeared in the microblog of Bira after a security conference Black Hat in Las Vegas. The hacker decided to request from Apple the payout for all the mistakes that he has reported within the last years. The money he wanted to donate to the human rights organization Amnesty International.

“Hey, Tim Cook. I worked for many years to help make iOS more secure. Here is a list of all errors that I reported that fit your program rewards for finding bugs since its launch. Could you invite me to the program, so we can donate this money to Amnesty International?” — asked the bir to the CEO.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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