Named the best remedy for aging


Photo: Andreas Gebert / DPA /

Scientists at the University of Bristol in the UK found that exercise significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. According to the publication Science Alert, this and other studies prove that physical activity is the best anti-aging available at the moment.

In the experiment, was attended by 1,600 people aged 60 to 64 years, who wore heart rate sensors for five days. The researchers analyzed the level of physical activity of volunteers, and also assessed the health status, including rates of heart disease, as blood levels of the precursors of cholesterol and interleukin-6.

It turned out that participants with a high level of physical activity was observed low levels of biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disorders. It was effective as exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and aerobic exercise, including walking, running, swimming and Cycling.

In may 2018, it was reported that scientists southwestern medical center the University of Texas found that exercise 4-5 times a week helps to slow down the aging heart. In addition, the researchers of the school of medicine at Stanford University in the US found that moderate physical activity significantly reduces the risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease even in people who are exposed to them from birth.

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