Scientists of Komi have learned to improve human adaptation to the Arctic


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Institute of chemistry, Komi scientific center, has received a number of products based on extracts from coniferous plants that have antioxidant properties, promote human adaptation to Arctic conditions, reported TASS, the corresponding member of RAS Alexander Kuchin.

According to him, scientists are working with industrial raw materials available: it is conifers, which are on the territory of Komi — spruce, pine, fir, to create a new biocompatible systems based on water-soluble natural ones with them of antioxidants to improve the adaptive properties of human organism to the conditions of the Arctic, as well as treatment specific to the Northern regions of diseases, especially the cardiovascular system.

“We plan to continue to promote them as medicines — to perform a full cycle of work on the composition, the properties of these materials, go to preclinical and then clinical studies,” — said the Professor.

Perhaps some medication will be registered in the form of biologically active additives to make it more accessible. “Such extracts from coniferous species have been used for hundreds of years, are sold, but when we begin to understand who, where, when and which permissions they get, no one really can not say anything. We intend to drugs specifically described properties, dosage, and application requirements,” — said the scientist.

Previously at the Institute of chemistry has carried out research work with the national team of the Republic in cross-country skiing. For the successful preparation of the national team skiers to the Olympics in Pyeongchang scientists prove a wide range of positive effects on the circulatory system a result of taking turpentine baths, received the diploma of the Ministry of sports in Komi Republic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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