At MSU have found a cure for aging and kidney disease


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

MSU scientists studied the effect of aging on such key cellular processes like autophagy, mitochondrial functioning and oxidative stress. Scientists have also proposed promising methods for the treatment of age-related renal failure. The results were published in the journal of the CellCycle. About it reported in a press release at the disposal “of the”.

A process called autophagy, in which cells destroy and recycle their damaged components. With this adaptive mechanism maintained the cellular homeostasis. Autophagy is activated in certain types of acute renal failure and in sepsis and renal ischemia. During aging, the efficiency of autophagy decreases, the accumulation of oxidized proteins and damaged organelles, including mitochondria, which participate in the processes of respiration and produce energy.

Photo: Yegor Plotnikov

The researchers examined the renal disease accompanying aging. They showed that aging is associated with accumulation of damaged biological structures in the kidney (proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, organelles).

It is known that food deprivation (fasting-diet therapy) activates the process of autophagy and reduces age-related pathological changes in the kidney. It has been experimentally proven that even a brief decrease in food consumption (by 30-40 percent within a few weeks) can increase the resistance of the kidney to develop acute renal failure. In addition to systemic physiological approach to treatment is sometimes used pharmacological agents that mimic caloric restriction (e.g., rapamycin), but its effectiveness for the treatment of older kidney is not yet proven.

Another approach to protect the kidneys is a mitochondria-targeted therapy. Acute renal failure even in the cells of young organisms, mitochondria are damaged, and aging itself leads to disruption of mitochondrial functions. Among the compounds that have proven effective in experimental models, primarily allocated mitochondria-targeted antioxidants, to antioxidants such as nicotero, peptides, SS-31 (Bendavia) and developed in Moscow state University of a group join SkQ.

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