Medusa killed a seven-year champion in swimming


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Seven-year-old swimmer Gaia Trimarchi, a multiple winner of the competition, died from a “bite” jellyfish during a family holiday in the Philippines. Reported by the Mirror.

The incident occurred when Gaia dive for shells. According to her mother, the girl was attacked by a dangerous box jellyfish: she was spotted fishing near the locals. The girl cried, the mom had saved her. The child was pulled from the water and taken ashore by boat, but on the beach there was anyone who could render first aid.

The girl was taken to a local hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with a severe allergic reaction, which Gaia died.

The girl’s mother is Filipina, her father is Italian. Trimarchi had won competitions in Italy in his age group.

In August, the 41-year-old tourist from the Czech Republic who was vacationing with his family on the red sea coast 20 kilometres North of the town of Marsa El-Alam, was killed in a shark attack. The remains of the deceased found on the beach. According to representatives of the Egyptian authorities, swimming at the beaches safe, risky only to swim over coral reef to the open sea. The Czech foreign Ministry has requested comments from the Egyptian colleagues in order to make recommendations for Czech tourists regarding safety in the resorts of Egypt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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