Poroshenko has warned Europe of a “Trojan horse” of the Kremlin


Peter, Porosencova: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” is a “Trojan horse” of the Kremlin, and the European Union needs to confront this issue. With such statement on Friday, August 10, was made by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. His message is posted in Facebook.

“The”Nord stream-2” is a “Trojan horse” of the Kremlin against European energy and, in the end, geopolitical security,” — said the Ukrainian leader.

According to him, “the rejection of the project in the framework of the Third energy package of the European Union and the deliberate failure of “Gazprom” of the Stockholm arbitration in the Affairs of Ukraine is clear and unambiguous signals about the true motives of the pipeline and its potential catastrophic consequences for the European Union”.

“I urge our European partners to get rid of the deceptive, and fatal charms and the Kremlin firmly uphold its own energy security,” concluded Poroshenko.

August 1, the commercial Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko described the ways that, in his opinion, unable to stop the construction of the “Nord stream-2”. It is the American sanctions, a dramatic change of attitude to the project from Germany, as well as the position of Denmark, which remains the only European country not given permission to work in their territorial waters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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