Russia wanted a supersonic technology


Anatoly Quechua: Marina Lystseva / TASS

The U.S. is working on several promising technologies that are of interest for the Russian military, told TASS honored test pilot, Hero of Russia Anatoliy Kvochur.

“The Americans, for example, are already using plasma, they have civil project,” he said.

Test pilot said that means “the use of plasma for burn shock waves” (shock waves, arising in the flow of the body fluid or gas flow), which is “like a corridor in front of the aircraft creates”. According to Kvochur, thus “decreasing drag and, in particular, friction of the air.”

“The Americans began. They built, or rather started to build a project of passenger aircraft that could fly at a speed of, say, 3700 kilometers per hour, with fuel consumption — as when flying at subsonic speed, that is three to four times less than when flying at supersonic speed. This gives fuel efficiency, and range increases. More important is the question of sonic booms. When the plane flies at high altitude, he pulls the kind of air cone”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Kvochur added that “there is still some information that the Americans are engaged in the vibration combustion” (a type of unstable combustion, characterized by self-excited oscillations of gas in the combustion chamber of the engine).

“But it’s a subtle thing, which must be very good care. To bring it to safe modes on passenger aircraft, I think, it will take a long time. And for other purposes to create a prototype, perhaps, perhaps. But this is a complex research requires technologies”, — concluded the expert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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