Skoda cars became more technologically



Several models of the Czech manufacturer has got a new option. Skoda Octavia, Superb and Kodiaq 2019 model year available with the digital instrument panel. About it reported in a press release sent to the editors”.ru” on Wednesday, August 9.

Thanks to her, the driver gets an opportunity to choose the graphic design panel to determine what type of information will be placed in the selected area and adjust the size of the blocks.

The display can be displayed the indicators of speed, engine rpm, fuel level, guidance of the navigation system and the audio system, phone and driver assistance systems. The user is offered four styles: “classic”, “digital”, “info profile” and “minimalistic”.

Classic design to show in the side parts of the display of the speedometer and tachometer are stylized analog gauges. Digital style means that the entire display width being used to display the data: for example, the screen of the entertainment system or navigation maps. In the upper and lower part there is a place for digital devices.

Info-profile – a variant in which the Central part of the screen displays the main information block, for example, a map, while the left, top and right remains for blocks that can be configured individually. Minimalistic format involves two major pieces of information. For example, it may be the current speed or the cruising range of the car.

Previously Skoda announced the start of sales in Russia the top version Laurin & Klement its flagship crossover Kodiaq. The car has received advanced equipment, new bumpers and extra chrome trim.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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