Son accused of treason scientist of Roscosmos told about the work of the father


Victor Kudryavtseva: Viktor Kudryavtsev / RIA Novosti

Arrested on charges of treason researcher of the Central research Institute of machine building (TsNIIMash, the head research Institute of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”), Viktor Kudryavtsev in cooperation with the Institute for fluid dynamics in Brussels dealt with the aerodynamics of reusable spacecraft. About it radio station “Kommersant FM” said the son of a scientist Yaroslav Kudryavtsev.

“Father is with the Belgian Institute was a joint project between 2011 and 2013 under the seventh framework programme of the European Union, was a joint project with the Ministry of education and science on aerodynamics reusable spacecraft. Studied, in particular, the input modes to the atmosphere. The word “hypersonic” is, of course, in this project was, but neither of which weapons was out of the question,” said the man, adding that all the information about the work published online in open access on the website of the European Commission.

According to Kudryavtseva, participating scientist in the project was sanctioned by the Institute, and nothing secret was not in it. Communication between several research groups went on electronic communications — so researchers have shared with one another the received data.

Son arrested researcher noted that father no longer had access to top secret information, could travel abroad. The last years he was engaged at high speeds, Aeromechanics, acoustics, hypersonic flows. “The Institute is a research Institute. From there to the development of weapons that is produced in some of the design bureaus and factories, many more steps. Right there they have nothing to do is some experiments on a fundamental level,” he said.

Victor Kudryavtsev was arrested in mid-July on suspicion of passing classified data on hypersonic technologies in the combat missile complexes, one of the NATO countries. His work, he allegedly covered the cooperation with Belgian Background is described in the article by the Institute of hydrodynamics. The guilt, the scientist does not recognize.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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