The official is retired from service for the sake of poker and sparked the interest of prosecutors


Valery Evanesance: PokerCM / YouTube

Former first Deputy head of Dimitrovgrad of the Ulyanovsk region Valery Avanesyan did not declare the funds won by him in poker tournaments, in connection with the Prosecutor’s office intends to file a lawsuit against him. About this “Interfax” reported the representative of the regional Prosecutor Vasily Zima.

“In the Prosecutor’s office of the city information Avanesyan in July of 2017 participated in a series of poker tournaments in Armenia, one of them took second place, receiving a prize payout of 3.7 thousands of dollars. Also in January 2017, he participated in another tournament held in Sochi, where he took 17th place, winning $ 940. However, this information in the income statement, they were not recorded”, — he explained.

Besides, the official has not reflected in the statement of income and expenditure information about participation as a co-founder of “Chain stores”.

“Currently, it is dismissed at own will, but the Prosecutor is preparing a lawsuit to the court for a change of administration in his workbook the wording to “fire in connection with loss of trust”,” Winter explained, adding that the official has resigned after public Prosecutor’s check.

In the video one of the organizers of poker games on YouTube Avanesyan congratulations on winning the tournament and winning 180 thousand dollars. In response, a former official admits that “a couple of weeks not working, but previously worked in the system of the administration of the city, the mayor’s office, but resigned, selecting poker, not a career.”

Video: PokerCM / YouTube

Video, photo All from Russia.


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