Norwegian drug addicts will be given free heroin to enhance the quality of life


Photo: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The Norwegian government in the framework of the experiment will provide 400 drug addicts free heroin to enhance the quality of life. About it reports The Independent.

The pilot program will work in 2020. It remains unclear on what basis will select participants and how many doctors will prescribe the drugs. Supporters of the program claim that access to heroin will reduce deaths from overdose of heavy drug and will help in the fight against crime.

The Minister of health of Norway, Benti Hoi (Bente Hoie) stated that the program offers a solution that can improve the quality of life of addicts for whom the country’s ways of dealing with addiction.

In 2017, Norway held a referendum on the decriminalization of drugs. Most citizens of Norway supported this decision in order to focus on the drug problem has shifted from punishment to treatment for drug users. However, the authorities refuse to legalize so-called “soft drugs”.

In Norway one of the highest mortality rates from drug overdose in Europe. In 2015, 80 people were killed per million inhabitants of the country. Drug heroin therapy has already been adopted in countries such as Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In mid-July it was reported that the Mexican government is thinking about legalizing marijuana to fight drug trafficking. In June the sale and Smoking of this drug legalized in Canada.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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