The patient’s paralysis, the woman was put out of the nail salon because of shaky hands


Photo: Tasia Smith / Facebook

The patient with paralysis of Angela Peters (Angela Peters) refused service in a nail salon in Da Vi nails, Michigan, USA. The manicurist told her that is not going to waste time on a futile exercise, because the hands of 36-year-old Peters were shaking badly due to the disease. Reported by ABC News.

Supermarket cashier Walmart ebony Harris (Ebony Harris) saw unsettled and offended Peters and decided to make her pleasant. At lunchtime, she bought nail Polish and offered to do her nails. The employee of the store managed to neatly paint your nails in a shaking hand and Peters to bring her mood up a pleasant conversation. She admitted that she was unpleasant and she didn’t want the day Angela was damaged.

“It’s a shame that the staff denied her for so little reason,” wrote a visitor to the supermarket Tasiya Smith in Facebook, became a witness of this scene. She promised not to visit the network of these nail salons.

Peters stated that he does not hold a grudge on failing her staff, and does not call for a boycott: “I have forgiven them and hope that after this scandal they will be a little smarter. We are all different people, and needs are also different”. Attention to this story should raise awareness about the needs of people with disabilities, she said. Guide Walmart also appreciated the act of the cashier and told about the pride of the employee.

In late July, it was reported that Internet users were moved by a video of the first walk on the beach men suffering from cerebral palsy. The man didn’t get out of the city for 15 years till his friend raised funds for motorized wheelchair and taken him to the ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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