Disclosed hourly earnings of female candidates in the young women


Kylie Generato: @kyliejenner

Business Insider revealed hourly earnings pretender to the title of the youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner and other famous personalities.

It turned out that every hour about the younger sisters of Kim Kardashian updated on 19 thousand dollars. However, the first place in the ranking of celebrities with the highest hourly income Jenner did not get. It took the American actor George Clooney, whose hourly income was 27 $ 283.

Next on the list was wrestler Dwayne the Rock Johnson (14 155 dollars), basketball player LeBron James (9 760 dollars) and singer Beyonce (6 849).

Top positions in the ranking of the largest hourly earnings of existing billionaires took the head of online retailer Amazon Jeff Bezos, who gets $ 4.5 million every 60 minutes, and the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg — $ 1.7 million.

In July, Forbes magazine declared that Kylie Jenner will become the youngest billionaire in the world, scored the state on their own. Girl August 16, turned 21, started their own brand of cosmetics in 2016 and to date has earned $ 900 million.

In the same month, Jenner took the first place in the list of the most expensive users of Instagram Rich List 2018. Price of one publication in her profile is one million dollars.

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