Dog 19 days waited crashed in the accident, the hostess at the crash site


Photo: Bring Bentley Home page in Facebook

In the US, the dog waited dead mistress at the scene of the accident almost three weeks. As reported by the news portal, Fox News, the dog took the daughter of the deceased.

Jennifer Orr (Jennifer Orr), along with his 21-year-old daughter Samantha was in an accident on 7 August on the mountain road of Colorado. On the roadway unexpectedly fell stone, 43-year-old woman sharply turned the steering wheel and the car fell off the road with a height of almost 200 meters. The driver died on the spot, her daughter suffered severe injuries and the dog named Bentley, who was sitting in the car with them, fell out of the window and disappeared.

After discharge from the hospital and the funeral of his mother Samantha started looking for a dog: looking for her in the mountains, up posters and asking local residents. 19 days later after the accident, the American finally managed to find Bentley. The dog was lying at the scene of the accident and whimpered. The frightened dog immediately walked over to the girl, but in the end, Samantha was able to take her home. According to her, the Bentley was not injured in the accident and escaped with only slight dehydration.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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