The main conditions for the growth of the Russian economy


Ray Galiotto: Brian Snyder / Reuters

The development of business in Russia inhibit the lack of a developed capital market and tangible problems with the business climate, said in an interview with RBC, the founder of one of the largest hedge Fund in the world Bridgewater Associates ray Dalio. Without solving these problems, he said, impossible the growth of the Russian economy.

“However, when I think about how far Russia has moved from the point where it was in 1990-e years, I’m starting to believe that your country has good prospects,” consoled billionaire.

In total, according to Dalio, there are five main criteria influencing the development of the economy: the availability of effective and relatively cheap system of education, the size of the external debt of the country, natural resources, the existence of a developed capital market and business culture.

Dalio also drew attention to the danger that can represent artificial intelligence system, making important decisions, especially those that are built on machine learning.

“The key question in machine learning is whether an algorithm that worked well in the past, well work in the future. Machine learning works well if there is large sample of examples in which the computer learns, and unchanging rules of the game — like in chess, where computers have no equal. But in a world where we live, any situation can change, and the future may be radically different from the past,” explained Dalio. In such a situation if you do not understand exactly how artificial intelligence creates its own algorithms, the future becomes simply dangerous.

The extent of personal status Dalio is estimated at 18.1 billion dollars. He founded the Foundation by the end of 2017 ruled 160 billions of dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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