The oldest woman in the world revealed the secret of longevity


Photo: Juan Karita / AP

In Bolivia are found the oldest woman in the world, whose record of longevity was not recorded. Talked with her, the journalists of the news Agency Associated Press.

Julia Flores Kolka (Julia Flores Colque) was born 26 Oct 1900 in Sacaba in a family of Quechua. Earlier, the childhood she spent in the mountains, among shepherds, then moved to the city, where old age was selling his own grown vegetables and fruits. Kolka calls healthy food the main secret of his longevity, although admits that sometimes allows himself to eat the cake or drink a can of soda. She never married and had no children.

Kolka said that whiles away the days playing a traditional instrument, Charango — five-string counterpart of the lute. Under it, she often sings songs in Quechua. Together with her live dog, cat and chicken. It is full of life and energy and loves to pamper homemade pastries. For Kolka looked after by her 65-year-old grandniece Agustin Bern (Berna Agustina).

The Bolivian is actually the oldest woman in the world. She is older than the past world record-holders, the Japanese Tie Miyako, born may 2, 1901, who died in July. However, the representatives of the Guinness book of records stated that they had not received applications from Kolka. As journalists found out, she was unaware of the existence of such a registry.

Authorities Sakabe recognized Kolka “living legacy”. On government money and private funds, she made a home repair, put a brick walkway in the courtyard and attached to the wall of the home the railing to the old lady fell in the evening on the way to the bathroom located in a separate room. A few years ago Kolka severely injured his back. The doctor said she can’t walk, but the woman has denied their predictions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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