Ukraine has closed its representative office in CIS


Photo: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

Mission of Ukraine to the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS) was closed. On Tuesday, August 28, said CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev, reports “Interfax”.

“We regret that in the month of August was closed the mission of Ukraine to the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth” — he said.

Lebedev noted that the organization remains contact with Ukraine. “We performed it in Minsk through the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus. There is a specialized person,” said he.

“I don’t see anything tragic, because we have ten years ago, this situation was,” — said Lebedev. He added, then adviser to one of the embassies of Ukraine have combined their activities in the diplomatic mission representing your country to the statutory bodies of the CIS. “I still hope that Ukraine will maintain its presence in the CIS,” said CIS Executive Secretary.

Lebedev also said that Kiev will be invited to participate in the meeting of the Council of heads of governments of the CIS which will take place in Astana on 2 November. “Ukraine has not seceded from the Commonwealth, it is the de jure state remains a party, so we sent her and invitation,” he said.

The Commonwealth of independent States created in December 1991. The agreement was signed by the heads of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In the CIS later joined other former Soviet republics, except the Baltic States. Ukraine has not signed the CIS Charter, therefore, although considered a member of an organization, legally a member of it was not.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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