USA “revealed” military secrets of Russia in Syria


Jeffrey Arrogante:

Last year and a half, the United States actively collect data on Russian military technology and its capabilities in Syria, according to Defense News, the words of the outgoing head of Central command, United States air force Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigan.

According to him, Moscow is Syria not only as a “test bench” for new weapons, but also to monitor the capabilities of American technology. While Washington last year and a half actively watches Russian weapons. “Of course, we learned a lot about some of the capabilities that the Russians have brought to Syria,” said Harrigan.

Lieutenant-General noted that, in particular, we are talking about the fighters of the 4++ generation su-34 and su-35, which collected information will be taken into account when updating the database of the American fifth generation fighter F-35B Lightning II, on actions in the conditions of “operational environment”. According to Harrigan, it’s still early United States to collect similar information for their F-35I Adir began Israel.

In may 2018, the commander of the air forces of Israel Amico Norkin said that the country is the world’s first used in combat fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

In April 2018, the defense Ministry told about delivered from Syria to Moscow fragments of Western weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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