A fan of tattoos, cut off the nose and ears for similarities with the skeleton


Photo: page Kalaca Skull in Facebook

Colombian under the pseudonym Skull cut off his nose and ears and made the tattoo of the eye for the similarities with the skeleton. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The man admitted that since the childhood was fond of skulls, but he was able to start changing their appearance only after the death of his mother, as she did not approve of such a radical bodimodifikatsii. 22-year-old tattoo artist Skull calaca (Skull Kalaca), born Eric Yenier Hincapie Ramirez (Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez), made the first plastic surgery two years ago.

Since then, he’s cut a large part of the nose and earlobes, and cut and painted it gray “corpse” color. Skull tattoo done eye, painted over the space around them, simulating eye sockets, and stuffed tattooed in the jaw on both sides of the mouth. Also, it almost entirely shaved off his hair to show the tattoo on his head.

Skull became the first person in Colombia to voluntarily remove the nose and ears. This has attracted the attention of the local press and generated a lot of criticism. The man himself admits he does not pay attention to it, and adds that fans often photographed with him on the streets.

Skull explained that he was willing to look like a skeleton, because “look all people under the skin and after death.” He believes that to criticize him is foolish, “this is comparable with the criticism of women that their Breasts and buttocks with implants”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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