Created a new method of particle acceleration


Photo: Maximilien Brice / Cern

An international group of scientists has developed a new way of accelerating electrons using waves of plasma in the bombardment of protons. In the future this method will allow you to create new particle accelerators capable of accelerating electron beams to higher energies than are available now. This publication reports Science News.

Standard particle accelerators work by oscillating electromagnetic fields that are generated in special cavities and accelerate charged particles. However, researchers working in the particle physics lab at CERN, have demonstrated that acceleration can be achieved in another way. To do this, they create beams of high-energy protons that bombarded the plasma, consisting of ionized atoms and electrons. As a result, the plasma electrons began to shift, forming waves, which, in turn, accelerated extra electrons injectione in the ionized gas.

Scientists have shown that the new method allows to accelerate the particles up to an energy equal to two GeV, while passing those of about 10 meters. A similar result was previously demonstrated in the creation of plasma perturbations by using other lasers or electron beams. In this case, the protons can carry more energy, which allows to achieve better acceleration.

However, scientists emphasize that the results of the experiment so far only demonstrate the potential use of protons for acceleration of electrons. The creation of accelerators, in which you will apply this principle will only be possible in the future, and this requires new research.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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