Germany would save Turkey from USA


Photo: Umit Bektas / Reuters

The German authorities can provide financial assistance to Turkey to its crisis that erupted due to disagreements with the United States, did not spread to the entire region, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Specific measures and the amount of aid has not yet been agreed. The negotiations, according to the newspaper, are in the early stages and eventually may come to nothing lead. If the decision is positive, assistance may be provided on behalf of Germany and of the whole of the European Union and touch individual sectors or the economy as a whole.

In Berlin fear that the depreciation of the Turkish Lira and the standard of living in the country could lead to a new wave of migrants in the EU and in Germany itself. “We have done much to stabilize the situation in Turkey. We have no choice,” the newspaper quoted one of the German officials.

The crisis in Turkey broke out in early August, amid the conflict with the United States because of the American pastor Andrew Brunson, accused Ankara of terrorism and preparing a coup. Washington demanded his extradition, but were refused, then imposed duties on Turkish steel and aluminium. In response, Turkey increased the fees for the importation of American goods, including alcohol, cosmetics and tobacco. The Turkish Lira has updated a historic low, having fallen 18 percent against the dollar.

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