In the United States called the Russian sci-Fi weapons


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

Russian robot “Igor” and an active exoskeleton with motors and battery have no relation to the real weapon, which can appear in the near future, the author writes The Drive Tyler Rogoway.

Speaking of “Igarka”, the expert notes that the developer (“Kalashnikov”) “stuck in a bad approximation of the sci-Fi fur (forward-looking bipedal walking robots — approx. “Of the”)”. The publication notes that currently, such weapons are no use, and even if it were, then Russia is unable to produce such equipment.

Noting technological and financial capabilities of Russia, Rogova writes that the country refused the serial production of tanks T-14 “Armata” and the fifth generation fighter, the su-57, preferring ballistic missiles and hypersonic weapons.

According to experts, a considerable part of Russian unmanned combat vehicles “are actually just radio-controlled fixtures” displayed in an information war. “Advanced artificial intelligence is not a remote-controlled robotic mannequin on the scooter, and when it comes to just about robotics, Russia is significantly behind the United States,” — said Rogova.

Therefore, according to the expert, an active exoskeleton with motors and battery, introduced in August at the forum “Army-2018”, the reality is “only a costume”. “Although we must report some of these events, because in each of disinformation is the truth, to get to this truth is becoming more difficult,” writes the author.

The anthropomorphic concept of a managed complex, designed to solve engineering and combat tasks, the Russian concern “Kalashnikov” presented in August at the forum “Army-2018”. In appearance the product resembles the all-terrain recon transport AT-ST from kynoselen “Star wars”. Subsequently, the concept has received the informal name “Igor”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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