Named bloggers-a record for the markups subscribers


Olga Busovaca: @buzova86

The TV channel “360” asked the developer application, identify the ratio of real people and bots among the subscribers, to call a number of fakes among the subscribers of Russian stars Instagram. The results are posted on the website of the channel. The name of the Creator programmer is not known, the authors of the article indicate that he lives in Moscow.

“The purpose is to identify and eliminate dead audience for successful promotion”, — said the developer.

According to the program, among 4.1 million subscribers IDA Galic 458 thousand — bots, Olga Buzova 1.2 million bots with 13.5 million subscribers of 8.9 million subscribers Anastasia Ivlieva bots 218 thousand. On Regina Todorenko signed 129 thousand bots (total 4.7 million subscribers), Alain Vodonaevu — 411 thousand (2.2 million subscribers), Anastasia Samburski — 93 thousand (from 9.3 million users), and Victoria Bonia — 890 thousand (6.2 million)

Cheating pop star is much more modest. 1.7 million subscribers Nikolai Baskov has 56 thousand bots. On the page of Alla Pugacheva their only 376 (of the 1.6 million subscriptions).

Of the celebrities “360” could only reach Galich, Ivlieva and representative Buzova. Ivlieva declined to comment, redirecting journalist on his assistant, Galich and a representative Buzova denied cheating. “I checked her and checked with other bloggers. We poured into the same program. And my numbers were the best. 400 thousand bots — a bit. This can be shops, fake accounts, whatever. Of course, I didn’t buy bots,” said Galich.

Assistant Buzova stated that about the bots people say, “who want to become famous on someone else’s popularity to bring to the inept name of attention.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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