Sri Lanka started construction and found a mass grave



In Mannar in Sri Lanka on the site of a mass grave found more than 100 human skeletons. As The Guardian reports, the remains of people continue to find every day.

A mass grave was discovered during construction: workers saw human bones, digging the excavation for the Foundation of the building. The remains were at a depth of about three meters. Experts will conduct an examination to establish how long they had lain in the earth, and how many people were buried in this place.

As noted, the burial is one of the largest in the country. “We have found 101 people from the trench already got 96 skeletons,” said one of the archaeologists. Also half of the tomb remains intact.

Unlike found up to the grave in Matale town where the bodies were neatly stacked nearby, menarche them, apparently, just dropped. To identify the remains will be much harder. At the same time, it is noted that at least 10 skeletons belong to minors.

It is believed that the tomb appeared in the city during the civil war: fighting continued intermittently for 26 years. The war between the Sri Lankan government and Muslims-Tamils ended in 2009. “The liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam” led an armed struggle for an independent state since 1983.

Data on the number of victims of the conflict differ. According to some reports, during the war, killed 100 thousand people. The Guardian notes that about 20 thousand missing.

The majority of Sri Lankans — more than 75 percent of the population are Buddhists. Muslims make up almost nine percent of the 21 million population of the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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