Swimmer hit the shark with his fist on the gills and survived


Photo: Steven Senne / AP

American told about the shark attack, which he survived. This publication reports the New York Post.

61-year-old neurologist William Lytton (William Lytton) resting on the shore of Cape cod in Massachusetts. According to him, a predatory fish has bitten on the left leg when he swam in a place where the depth was between 2.5 to three meters. He repeatedly punched her on the gills to force to unclench his teeth.

After a shark attack Lytton was in the hospital. He has undergone six surgeries and was discharged two weeks later, however, for complete recovery it will take another few weeks. According to him, despite this, he is grateful to be alive after what happened.

Sharks very rarely attack people off the coast of Massachusetts. Lytton became the first victims since 2012.

On 6 August it was reported that the shark that killed 41-year-old tourist from the Czech Republic who was vacationing with his family on the red sea coast 20 kilometers North of the Egyptian town of Marsa El Alam.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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