Tiger with a disability will make the prosthesis is lost due to poacher paws


Photo: Gorewada Rescue Centre

Vets plan to make a prosthesis for a Bengal tiger who lost his paw through the fault of the poacher. This publication reports The Guardian.

Six years ago into the trap of the poacher got two tigers. One of them died, the other managed to save the vets from the University of Zoology and fisheries in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Eight-year-old male came to him unconscious and with a failed kidney. Part of the legs had to be amputated due to gangrene.

Beast called, Sahebrao (Sahebrau), went out and sent first to the zoo and then to the animal shelter near the city of Nagpur. The shelter staff say that it is the largest tiger, which is found in captivity in Asia. During his stay there he was known as aggressive and irritable beast.

In 2017, the shelter was visited by the surgeon Sushruta the of Bahulkar (Sushrut Babhulkar) from Nagpur. He saw Sahebrao and came to the conclusion that he growls from the pain in the affected limb. The doctor thinks that the animal needs a prosthesis. He’s a few months talked help tiger with veterinarians from the United States and Britain have agreed on the treatment with the shelter.

August 26 on his initiative, made the first x-rays of paws of an animal. This is necessary in order to make a model of the prosthesis and to plan further action. Podiatrist hoped that in December, tiger will be able to operate, eliminating the unfortunate consequences of amputation. A few months after this, the animal will provide an artificial paw. We consider two options: implants and removable denture, is put on the limb, like a boot.

In 2017, it was reported that in Bulgaria, a homeless cat named Pooh, remaining without hind legs after the accident, implanted titanium implants. In the knee region, they are joined by removable dentures that replace the lower part of the legs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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