Found rare treasures of the Mayan civilization


Photo: / INAH

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered a plaster mask life-size, which probably belonged to an ancient Mayan ruler Pacal the Great 603-683 who lived in the years BC. This publication reports Science Alert.

The artifact found in the ruins of the Palace complex of Palenque, which was the political and cultural center of the Mayan civilization and was located on the territory of the modern Mexican state of Chiapas. The mask was stored in the building designated by archaeologists as “Building E”, where Pakal, believed to have been enthroned. In addition to the mask, scientists have found fragments of alabaster and ceramics, pearls, jade, mother of pearl and other precious stones, as well as bones of fish and turtles.

The discovery was made while studying the drainage system of the Palace complex. It turned out that Maya had sent the water in “Building E”, where archaeologists found the tank pond and the remnants of benches around. Researchers believe that the mask was used as an architectural decoration and depicts the already aged king.

The ancient Mesoamerican Maya civilization existed on the territory of modern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras with two thousand years BC until the beginning of the colonial period. It is known for its developed system of writing, art, architecture and knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. Around the end of the XVII century, its last independent city passed under the authority of the Spaniards.

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