In Russia, he explained the visibility on the radar of the F-22 and F-35


Photo: Ariel Schalit / AP

American fighter jets, ships and tanks, built using stealth technology, allow the detection of the Russian radar stations of antiaircraft defense (air defense radar), writes on the pages of the weekly “Star” the military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alex Leonov.

“Modern Russian air defense radars and aircraft equipped with AESA radars (active electronically scanned array antenna arrays). They not only allow you to increase the power of the emitter and receiver sensitivity, but detect multiple targets, using digital signal processing, filtering out any interference,” — said the expert.

According to him, “the most important property of AESA radars is that they can simultaneously scan the space in various frequency bands”, resulting in “invisible” stealth aircraft-only their radar.

The expert explained that the stealth technology the US is designed for radio waves X-band (centimeter wavelength), which employs the most modern air defense radars and radar (airborne radar — approx. “Of the”) aircraft. “Older radar defense systems (such as C-125) used L-band frequencies (UHF wave), and thus the work of American stealth technology is not affected in any way: “saw” and “invisible.” By the way, Russia has created a whole line of radar L-band,” writes Lenkov.

In addition, the expert marks, the Russian complexes of target detection added optical-electronic system that complements the capabilities of the radar detection of targets in the visible optical range and in the IR and UV spectra.

“The fact that the Russian without any problems find the sky their stealth aircraft caught the Americans by surprise. They have already managed to create 195 aircraft F-22 Raptor, the 21st bomber B-2 Spirit and 305 units of the F-35 Lightning II, spending for everything, considering the development, over 170 billion dollars”, — the expert concludes.

According to him, the Russian system is also able to detect American ships and tanks, created using the stealth technology. “To the chagrin of Americans report that the sight of the Russian ATGM (anti-tank missile system — approx. “Of the”), operating in the optical and IR regimes, will soon expand the range of detection. It will happen thanks to the latest electro-optical converters (EOC) of the 3rd generation,” says Lenkov.

Earlier in August, the author of The Drive Tyler Rogoway wrote that the Russian robot “Igor” and an active exoskeleton with motors and battery have no relation to the real weapon, which can appear in the near future.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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