In the Alps disappeared tourist plane


Photo: Shutterstock

Tourist plane with two passengers on Board, EN route to the French Marseille, disappeared from radar in the Western Alps did not reach destination. It is reported by Italian newspaper ANSA.

According to preliminary data, the signal from the plane ceased to flow between the region of Valle d’aosta in Italy and the region of Savoie in France.

With him in Marseille flew another plane, but he changed course due to bad weather conditions. At the moment a rescue helicopter are searching for missing aircraft.

Earlier in August, in the North of Italy crashed tourist aircraft PA-18, killing two passengers. The incident occurred in the area of Treviso. During takeoff the plane crashed into the medium voltage cables, caught fire and fell into the river Piave. Arrived at the scene of the incident firefighters were able to extinguish a burning PA-18, but to save those on Board had failed: their charred bodies found among the wreckage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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