In the Arctic, found a “climate bomb”


Photo: Shutterstock

Scientists at Yale University found that in the Arctic, under the top layer of sea water, there are large amounts of warm and salty water. Researchers believe that sooner or later they will rise to the surface of the ocean and will lead to catastrophic melting of the polar ice. This publication reports Science Alert.

According to oceanographers, the warming of deep waters observed in the canadian sea basin. In the period from 1987 to 2017 the amount of heat in the warmer layers of the ocean has doubled. This phenomenon is associated with anomalous heating of surface waters in the Northern part of the Chukchi sea, which feeds the Arctic waters North of Canada. Climate change contributes to the disappearance of ice between Chukotka and Alaska, the waters are directly influenced by solar radiation and moved North with the wind flow, called the Beaufort gyre.

As the heated water enters the Arctic, it descends to a depth, below the cold layer. Researchers believe that this is an irreversible process and in the future, the warm layer needs to rise to the surface. The specific consequences are difficult to predict, however scientists believe that this will lead to thinning and disappearance of multi-year ice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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