Pornographic actress complained of ill-treatment and urged his colleagues to revelations


Photo: Jenny Blighe

The porn star Jenny the Blig (Jenny Blighe) urged colleagues to share stories of violence occurring in of the industry of the erotic movies. According to her, Actresses are constantly faced with violence and disrespect. Her statement was published by the New York Post.

The blig complained that shooting in hardcore porn became a real nightmare. According to her, she gasped and almost lost consciousness. However, attempts to stop shooting, the Director stated that she ruins everything and demanded to get in the shot.

30-year-old actress said that she, like many other women of porn, trying to be taken seriously in her accusations of harassment. The blig assures that their stories are treated with suspicion, in contrast to the revelations that have been shared by Hollywood stars during flashbomb #MeToo.

The ban on the discussion of porn in society and the General secrecy of this industry is the problem, continues the girl. The management of the studios and producers, mostly male, may remain at their posts over the years, while young women coming into this business and leave it. This hierarchy contributes to the humiliation of Actresses, which, in the words of the Blig perceived as a “piece of meat”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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