Russians drowned in the United States


Photo: Dan Elliott / AP

Russians drowned in reservoir Powell in the United States, several people were injured, reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

20-year-old Alexander Barrows from St. Petersburg and about 30 foreign tourists rented three boats-pontoon and went to one of the bays of the reservoir. Then a few people decided to swim, but not wearing life jackets. At this time the wind picked up, and they began to sink.

Some managed to swim to shore, others could get on it. The dead Russian was at a depth of about three meters, when members of the tour group found him. They tried to help him, but doctors who met the group on the shore, was pronounced dead Kurganova.

Two men who tried to retrieve the man’s body from the water, injured by the boat propeller and was taken to the hospital.

Local authorities are investigating the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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