She has called the best poses for a photo in Instagram


Katherine Matusewitch: page Catherine Matusova in Facebook

Professional Russian photographer Katerina matusova explained to the girls, what positions need to take to successfully get the photos. Its words transfers “”.

The first woman named to the position in a half-turn, which, she said, gives the portrait mystery. However, the main thing — not to raise the shoulders, because “no neck no one color,” she says.

Not less successfully look donated to face of hands. While posing in this position should not stand still: the hands should be soft and relaxed.

Making a photo in full growth, it is worth remembering the edges of the frame so you don’t accidentally cut the hands or feet. Matusova also reminded that when posting to Instagram the image size is further reduced.

In her opinion, a good and original work of photography, taken from high angle. It is also recommended to avoid closed poses before a photo shoot to practice in the mirror.

In July, one of the leading experts on body language Tracy brown said, what are some popular poses the girls in the pictures in Instagram. For example, “planned and spontaneous” images, like the Olivia Buckland, suggests that girls want to look sexier.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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