The man became blind after being tortured by the police and was disappointed in the Russian justice system


Frame: Radio Liberty / YouTube

A resident of Tatarstan Alexander Shabalin made a complaint to the European court of human rights (ECHR) after the blind as a result of torture in police of Nizhnekamsk, the human rights organization “Area law”.

Case on the fact of violence against him was closed “due to the lack in actions of the guards of structure of a crime” but the man himself was accused of false denunciation. The man believes that thus the Russian authorities had violated his right to dignity, liberty and security of person (articles 3 and 5 of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms).

Police arrested 37-year-old Shabalin in November 2015, on suspicion of stealing clothes from the Mall. He was kept in the office for 11 hours, was beaten and tortured to confess the crime. In the complaint, the ECHR, he pointed out that the detectives beat him with their hands on the head and body, was handcuffed, put in the mouth dirty rags, and smothered the old pants, wrapped a noose around his neck. When the man became ill, the police refused to call him doctors. Then Shabalin slandered himself. Later, his innocence affirmed the footage from the surveillance camera at the Mall, where it was evident that the robbery was committed by another person.

Because of the torture the man had a hemorrhage in the brain. He lost his eyesight and became the invalid of I group.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article about excess of powers of office with violence (part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code), but did not find corpus delicti in the actions of the security forces. The case was dismissed, and shabalino was charged under articles 306 (“Obviously false denunciation”), and 307 (“Obviously false testimonies”) of the criminal code. The court acquitted him, but to reopen the investigation no one.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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