The UK had a photo of Russian intelligence ship in the English channel



British minesweeper HMS Hurworth followed a Russian reconnaissance ship “Yuri Ivanov” in the English channel. This was reported on the website of the naval forces of great Britain.

The Agency also showed photos of “Ivanov” and watching the British warships.

“Task monitor “Yuri Ivanov” absolute routine for us,” said Lieutenant commander mark Heward. According to him, Russian ships often pass through the Strait.

Earlier, on 21 August it was reported that HMS Hurworth followed the latest Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov”, which passed through the English channel. The ship was also watching a military helicopter Wildcat. In the Royal Navy of great Britain, confirmed the interception, but from further declined to comment.

“Yuri Ivanov” entered the Navy in July 2015. The official classification of ships of this type — the “vessel communication”. The equipment allows to record the radiation of the radar and control system, missile defense, and seaworthiness and autonomy provides a long residence time in the ocean close to the traditional areas of testing (East and North-East Pacific).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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