Trump changed the carrot on the stick


Photo: Reuters

The US imposed concessions on the import of steel and aluminium from South Korea, Brazil and Argentina. The corresponding document was signed by the President, Donald trump, Bloomberg reports.

For these three countries entered the easing on the supply of steel to Argentina in addition to the import of aluminum. Now these countries can apply for import into the United States of its product if “it is not provided U.S. manufacturers in quality and quantity”.

A 25 percent import duties on U.S. steel and aluminium came into force on 1 June. Prior to that, for key allies of Washington a few months acted exception. In response, the European Commission imposed a 25 percent duties on some American goods, including corn, Bourbon and jeans. Also, the EU announced that it would impose protective quotas on imports of metals to preserve the balance in the domestic market.

At the end of July it became known that the US and EU created working group for discussion of mutual tariffs on steel and aluminum. The group’s goal is to achieve full abolition of restrictions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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